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Yama brings expanding consciousness on new level! Such amazing sacred space…

Yarana Chandar

Yama carries the unconditional love and compassion of a Mother, the curiosity and playfulness of a Child, the magic of a Witch, the wisdom of an Elder,
the equanimity of a Sister and carries the heart of a Rebel, bringing authenticity
to all that she offers, with deep respect to our beautiful Mother Earth and to the old wisdom traditions. Thank you Yama for being you and all that you share.

Simone de Kinderen

Yama is exceptional! She is so well balanced, she’s got the yin and the yang, inside and outside, head and heart and she’s very conducive. You can tell she’s doing what she supposed to do. I wish everyone growth, healing and love.
A great journey to become what you already are.
If you need guidance, Deva Yama is the way to go. Blessings!

Maik Diederen

Yama is a true facilitator and creator. With her wisdom, musicality, playfulness and creativity she has created a beautiful variety of healing circles, which I can totally recommend to many. I love Yama deeply for the beauty and healing she brings to this world.

Amonisia Hennekam

Thank you for creating this magical sacred ceremony.
Diving deeply in the unknown… again and again…
I felt seen and heard.

Judith Penninx

(Re)discover your feminine powers and experience Womb Wisdom yourself,
in the safe, warm and caring bedding in which Yama invites you to explore!
She is one of a kind.

Maritha Munster

Thank you so much for creating this beautiful and deep ceremony.
Your music carried us all the way… love you Sis

Marya Norell from Sweden, Passion of Heart

Beloved Yama, thank you for this ceremony, your singing and your presence
was incredibly powerful! You are absolutely magic in the ceremony….!


Yama makes me feel deeply comfortable as a woman. Her beautiful voice comes straight from the heart and soul. Her singing in ceremonies is inspiring to me,
a calling to my soul to be seen and celebrate.

Sasha Starr

Thank you Yama, for your honest insights, which are always filled with love.
Yes, I have a choice to be(come) the woman I really am…
Grateful for your support!

Merit Anne