Integration sessions

Integration sessions
Sacred plants can be life changing, but the integration of your experiences and insights is essential to have a positive effect on the long term. Especially strong plants like Ayahuasca can shake your foundation and as such (temporarily) disrupt you. It is very important to embody all that is touched and opened. Sometimes it can be supportive to reflect on your situation with someone who understands.

“I think the main illusion in the Western world is to think that shamanism and the use of medicine plants is something like a magic formula to increase the development of consciousness. But we are actually at the beginning of a new dimension where the use of master plants only works synergistically together with our own work to develop consciousness.” — Alonso del Rio

Integration is an open-ended process that continues throughout life. A basic definition of integration is ‘to combine different things so they become a whole’. We naturally integrate as we take in new information and generate new perspectives. Simply put, integration is the process of growth and evolutionary change — and humans have been doing this pretty much forever.

When you hold this perspective, you begin to notice how wisdom is always showing up in everyday circumstances, offering insights that in the past you might have ignored, you begin to see how life is always offering you exactly what you need — even if it’s not exactly what you want. The integration process does not end – ever – there is always room for more on the path of growth! It is the ongoing process of life moving into further complexity and deeper simplicity. And it is up to us to live it, to make it real.

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Price for one person
€190,- for two hours (€90,- per hour extra)